Types Of Gyms

Out of the variety of gyms that are available on board, it is important to choose the one that suits your needs. This does not refer to choosing an all-female fitness centre, but rather the core components. If you compare the available options, you will notice that each centre differs from one to another in terms of equipment, training, amenities, etc. Therefore, before you pick your place, decide on what exactly you are looking for. Given below are the main types of gyms available in the current community.

Globo Gyms

This is the ideal option for individuals with a limited budget. These gyms act as large co-operations or franchises. Therefore, they are not worried about making profits. Instead, their main concern is to main their reputation in the industry. This is exactly why they offer high-quality services for cheap prices. Even though the charges are low, you do not have to worry about the quality of the equipment. Their common drawbacks are less amenities, inexperienced staff and congested environment.

Health & Sports Clubs

Even though they are similar to globo gyms, they offer a higher level of service. Some health clubs such as YMCAs, operate around the clock in order to offer the customer flexible timing options. People do prefer to join a 24 hour gym than a fitness centre with a restricted schedule. These gyms also offer a large range of amenities than any other gym. These services include, child care, TVs on cardio machines, etc. Some even include pools and tennis courts to offer the customers additional physical exercise options.

Barbell Clubs

These gyms are highly expensive and are reserved for members of the elite society. The reason for this high charge is mainly because most Barbell clubs and Crossfits offer a fitness certificate after the course is completed. This makes them a professional in the market unlike an amateur who runs the place with two thread mills. These are one-room gyms that offer the best of equipment and training from experienced coaches. Furthermore, with these gyms, you will have to adjust your schedule according to their timetable.

College Gyms

Usually offered as an amenity in a college/university, these gyms offer discounted membership. Thus, they are inexpensive. They are also easily accessible since they situated within the college borders. They are famously known for providing many facilities such as pools and racquetball courts. But the disadvantage is that, due to the number of students, these gyms are always crowded and noisy.

Therefore, ensure that you choose the right fitness centre by comparing the service it offers to the money it charges.

What To Get Your Guy Friend For His Birthday

The process of deciding on a gift for a male friend is always a struggle. This becomes even harder when you are a girl trying to buy a gift for a guy. Knowledge about the type of gifts girls generally like and appreciate, is the kind of knowledge that one would call universal. On the other hand, with guys, it’s a whole different story. Here are a few gift options which can be considered as ‘safe’, when it comes to guys.


The male gender is pretty straightforward when it comes to clothing. If you have even the slightest idea of the colour preferences of your friend and his general style, picking an item of garments shouldn’t be too hard. If he is a guy with a super fit body with no reservations on showing it off, clothing like muscle singlets and body fit t-shirts might make him happy. If he is into a more sophisticated look, maybe go with a nice shirt or a tie.


Men and watches are two things that go together most of the time. Except in very rare cases, a guy who doesn’t love a nice watch is hard to find. This is comparatively a more expensive gift, but a very effective one. Maybe try and pick up on the kind of brand he likes, or a specific new design he has been going on for months about. Just make sure you purchase it from a trusted source, so that any alterations or faults that may pop up in the future can be easily fixed.

Personalized items

We all like a small ego-boost sometimes. Therefore, making a little extra effort to personalize a gift for your friend will mean a whole lot to both him and his ego. As an example, you could get your friend’s favourite fitness motivational quote on one of the muscle singlets you picked out for him. A personalized autograph from one of his idols might also do the trick.


It’s a common observation that guys care more about how they smell than girls. You could use this piece of information as your guide and pick out a fancy cologne for him. It’s much better to stick with the fragrance he is already using rather than trying to guess what he may like.

When you are trying to decide on a gift for any guy, be it your friend, boyfriend, husband or even a family member, always stick to the basics. Men don’t really appreciate a lot of sentimental efforts. They would rather get what they actually need, and they are certain to be more than happy with it.